Carved in Stone

The Gifts

Corporate gifts usually range from $300 to over $2,500 depending on the occasion. For the larger price range from $1,200 to over $3,000 I suggest you contact one of the galleries that carry my carvings. If you do not have a gallery in your immediate area I can be contacted directly.

For the lower end of the range from $250 to $850 it is difficult to find original art and I have tried to fulfill this need by having an inventory of mixed carvings on hand for sale.

Corporate gifts have been purchased for retirements, recognition of symposium or conference speakers, or customer recognition. The most common theme for corporate gifts are bears of different species and sizes. This is followed by fish for the sportsman, and then individual requests.

Some corporate customers have been:

• BC Egg Marketing Board; Abbotsford, BC
• Fraser Health Authority; Surrey, BC
• Goldcare; Kitchener, ON
• MEA Josam; Philidelphia, PA USA
• Puralotor; Toronto, ON
• Richform Construction Supply; Coquitlam, BC
• Sepps Fine Foods Ltd.; Langley, BC
• Wales McLelland Construction; Burnaby, BC

For individuals I have done some unique carvings from wolves, cats, ravens, and even a whirling dervish.