Carved in Stone

The Process

From raw stone to polished sculpture, Kathi Bond provides inspiration through her creations.
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cirque post

Being a huge fan of Cirque du Soleil, and particularly the amazing contortionists, I was inspired many years ago to carve “Cirque”. Ironically, the translucent Alabaster has a darkish spot in it, located approximately where the acrobat’s heart might be!

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dr. grant
Dr. Grant's Enigma

Dr. Grant is my “Herpetologist” friend, currently a professor in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This piece was based on his discovery of new species deep in the Amazon Rainforest.

I draw inspiration from all things around me...especially those in nature – leaves, trees, animals, birds, humans, and of course, my beloved frogs! At times it is the stone itself that inspires and wants to be shaped. Some may say, the stone itself speaks to me. At other times, I am inspired to carve something and go in search of the stone that is eager to become that creation.

queen of thetis pre
queen of thetis post
Spirit of Gaia

…“Chlorite is a popular carving stone with a hardness similar to alabaster, wonderful to carve by hand or power. It is green in its raw state, but polishes to a glossy black, making it one of my favourite stones for figurative work.”
serenity pre

...a study on carving faces. My intention was to carve more detail, but suddenly, looking at this “anhydrite” face, I was struck by her sense of serenity and decided to stop carving!

Whether starting with a stone that inspires or an inspired idea, the beginning stages can be the most challenging. Finding my creation within any particular stone can often be a daunting task – a puzzle that needs solving. From planning, sketching and digging into a stone with a variety of tools, to finishing and polishing, once that puzzle is solved, the rewards are immeasurable!

"I choose a block of marble and chop off whatever I don't need."
Auguste Rodin